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Call for Papers - Deadline May 15 2015!

The batteryuniversity.eu GmbH invites alls experts, developers and suppliers of the entire value-added chain to submit technical articles on the subject »Mobile Power Supply«.

Take this chance to share your technical expertise! Present your stunning solutions and ideas, new technologies or outstanding new products for mobile and stationary battery cells! Talk about future applications or explain the results of your research work or thesis respectively in front of a very focused, interested and competent audience!

With your technical presentation you can contribute to the success of this industry. We are looking forward to your submission.

The following choice of topics serves only as an orientation


  • Market Overview
  • Roadmaps
  • Li-Ion Battery Technology, future technologies
  • Technical Innovation
  • Stationary Batteries and their Integration into the Grid (or Coupling with PV Systems)
  • Battery Management Systems (Cell Balancing)
  • Charging Technology
  • Testing Systems
  • Research and Development
  • New materials
  • New applications
  • Machinery and tools for manufacturing
  • Raw materials, ressources
  • Equipment
  • Legislation and standards
  • Safety

Deadline for registration is May 15 2015.